With that, Mei Li skipped away, leaving Ginka puzzled and astounded.

"Her hair is the same and so is the, is she Mei Mei? Hmmmmmm...maybe she is Mei Li and is the twin sister of Mei Mei! Yes! Maybe I am cut out to be a detective after all! No point eating now, I guess, what I want to satisfy is my hunger to reveal her identity. I haven't had much battle practice for a while, and maybe, Mei Li can lead me to Dashan! I wonder how he is...." Ginka pondered as he walked out of the restaurant.

"Hey fellow! Don't you have an order?" one of the waitresses asked.

"Uh...gotta run!" Ginka headed out of the restaurant, only to find that, Mei Li was gone!

"Great! Like I know China very well...just where did she go?" Ginka was just about to head back to the restauant when he realised that the whole restaurant had disappeared!

"Now, what is this about?" he gasped.

Ginka, now hungry and tired, was about to slump himself onto the ground when he caught sight of moving mountains at the corner of his eye.

"Could it be...?"

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