"Has the boss of Patty's lost his mind? My favourite hamburger restaurant has turned into a Chinese restaurant!" Gingka's mouth fell agape as his eyes widened.

"I have got to check this out!" he dashed into the restaurant.

"Hello sir, may I show you to your seat?" a waitress approached Gingka.

"Uh...Uh, um, course. But, um, can you please tell me, what on earth happened to Patty's?" Gingka stuttered, unsure of himself.

"What? What Patty's? Our restaurant has a legacy of four thousand years! We are no Patty's, and isn't Patty supposed to be a person? Ever since the owner of this restaurant racked his brains to set up this wondrous restaurant, people have been flocking from all parts of the world to China, here, to have a taste of our delicious, authentic, mouth-watering dishes! Sir, I guarantee, you will not be disappointed!" the waitress assured the bewildered Gingka.

Not giving Gingka a chance to probe any further, the waitress brought Gingka to his seat and passed him the menu.

"What? No burgers? Where are the fries, and the coke, there is no soda!" Gingka shrieked.

"Of course, what do you think? We are a Chinese restaurant after all. You are in China you know," a strikingly familliar voice resounded.

"Who, what where?" Gingka looked around appalled. "Mei Mei!"

"No, not Mei Mei, Mei Li, hee hee!" Mei Li giggled.

"What in the world?"? Gingka rubbed his eyes.