Story "Tell me it's the good direction!!!!!" It was Lakus; He was green. Him, Blade and Grafera were in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, looking for the Pisces blader. They haven't saw an island since hours.

Blade:"Grafera, stop the boat!!!!" Grafera turned off the engine, and asked why.

Blade: "Well, the map says whe're exactly at the p!!osition of the Pisces blader."

Lakus:" What??!! We're still on water!!"

Grafera: "Then, he's underwater."

Blade:" Well, maybe the map indicates the position of the bey, and not the blader."

Lakus: "Anyway, it means one of us must go underwater."

Blade: " I will go. In case i need to defend myself, i'm going to take Galea with me."

Grafera: "Why don't you take your other beys??"

Blade:" Well, very simply, Excalibur hasn't got the necesary configuration to move underwater. And Clypeum is far too heavy. It will sink at the moment i would launch it"

Grafera: "It's so heavy??" Blade took a generic bey out of his bag and extended a sheet of paper.

Blade: "See, i've got generic beys to train myself, and this is the heaviest one i got." He throwed the generic bey to the sheet of paper. It rebounded.

Lakus: "Okay...."

Blade: "Look what's going to happen next." He opened the bey compartiment fixed in his left glove and took Clypeum out of it. He throwed it at the sheet. It got through it and even made a crack in the boat.

Lakus: "Wo.... Wow!!!!"

Blade: "Understood??"Lakus and Grafera nodded, a bit scared. Then, something got the attention of Grafera:

Grafera" What's in the compartiment of your necklace??"Blade seemed a bit moody, then said:

Blade: "Something i use when it's necesary." Then, Blade gone into the water. Lakus was wondering why you always had to dive on the back-side. In the water, Blade took out the map, who was encharted in glass so it won't get degraded. The shark representing the Pisces sign was about 100 meters away, but it wouldn't get smaller.

Blade:" How am I going to find him there?? Even with the map, i can't get it" And then, Blade heard a sound in the water. A familiar sound. But underwater, he couldn't figure it out. He stopped swimming and turned his head to see what it was. He saw a bey flying over him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Automatically, he lauched Galea, as a reflex. Galea went towards the unknown bey, who automatically go the other way!!! Galea purchased him, and Blade started to swim to to follow them. They've gone behind a rock. When Blade got around the rock, what he saw astonished him. He decided to signal his position, with light Galea could produce;

To be continued...